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兵法タイ捨流 剣術道場 龍泉館 公式サイト

​[ Hyoho Taisharyu dojo RYU-SEN-KAN Official Website ]





【About Hyoho Taisha-Ryu Kenjutsu DOJO RYU SEN-KAN & Official WEBsite】

Recently we have noticed that inaccurate information regarding Taisha Ryu is being published across various media.


This website is run by Taisha Ryu DOJO RYU SEN KAN in Yatsushiro under the supervision of the 15th Soke, ERIKO UEHARA, it has been created to provide correct and accurate information regarding our school.


It has also been noticed that there are some groups other than ourselves that are operating dojos claiming to teach or demonstrate 'Taisha Ryu'. Instruction of Taisha Ryu Kenjutsu or Taisha Ryu Hyoho authorised by our Soke (Headmaster), is at this time conducted only at the DOJO RYU SEN KAN in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto, Japan.


Our purpose is to uphold the traditions and maintain the spirit of the Kobudo that we have inherited through Taisha Ryu and to faithfully and correctly pass on this inheritance to our successors - as it has been done for over 400 years.


We hope that our efforts are useful both to our members and to anyone interested in the Taisha Ryu.

Takahiro YAMAMOTO - Sadataka FUJIWARA
Shin-ichiro TAZOE - Sadakazu FUJIWARA
Eriko UEHARA - Hidesada FUJIWARA

《Training schedules and venues》


〇Regular training〇

Tuesdays (venue: Kagami Budo kan) 20:00~22:00

Welcome to visit and observe the trainings

〇Short term intensive training〇

One-off bases with availability for official members (venue: Ryu Sen Kan headquarter and/or Kagami Budo Kan) 10:00~16:00

Kids class

Tuesdays (venue: Kagami Budo kan) 18:00~20:00

【Dojo and training groups outside of Yatsushiro headquarter】

 Hyoho Taisha ryu Kansai branch (Osaka)

Under a Shihan (certificated master). All are welcome to become new members, as well as to visit and observe training.

Training groups (self-training)


Hyoho Taisha ryu Ryu Sen Kan

address: 307-2 Kagami-machi Shiohama, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 869-4224, Japan


Visit our SNS sites for the latest information of Taisha ryu

《Queries and contacts》

If you would like to become our member or you have questions, please reach us via the “Contact” page


《What’s new》

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