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Kyoden gihou / 教傳技法

Hyoho Taisha ryu “Kenjutsu” (swordsmanship) and “bo-jutsu” (stick fighting – only limited techniques) skills have been inherited to generations of Soke (the head of the sytel, family) as of today, from the founder Marume Kurando no suke.


Not only martial arts skills, but also there are teachings of observations skills, including use of abacus, time, weather and earthquake forecasts.


〇 Kata / 型 〇

《OODACHI NO KATA/大太刀乃型》18 Kata in total

【1/壱】Omote/表 【2/弐】Hakka/八ヶ 【3/参】Shin no tachi/真乃太刀 【4/肆】Tou baku刀縛 【5/伍】Ran sei嵐勢  

【6/陸】Sha rin/車輪 【7/漆】issoku notsume/一足乃詰 【8/捌】En kai/猿廻 【9/玖】Nuki suri/行摺 【10/拾】Sei hen/蜻返

【11/拾壱】You sha/揚遮 【12/拾弐】Shi fun/獅憤 【13/拾参】Mou ko/猛虎



【14/拾肆】Hou baku/鋒縛 【15/拾伍】Boku toku/朴解 【16/拾陸】Seki atsu/石壓 【17/拾漆】Tai shou/退勝



【18/拾捌】Dou tou sai/刀刀截                                      



〇 Iai / 居合 〇

  9 in total (there are 9 other secret Iai kata and these are an oral tradition)

【1/壱】En pi/燕飛 【2/弐】En kai/猿廻 【3/参】Ko ran/虎乱 【4/肆】Jitte/十手 【5/伍】Yama kage/山陰  

【6/陸】Nin shaku/刃瞬 【7/漆】Chou hi/超飛 【8/捌】Kizen ittou/機前一刀 

【9/玖】Ichi you ha ou totsu no seppu/一葉波凹凸乃切夫

〇 KUMITACHI / 組太刀 〇​

  5 in total (but there are 4 other secret skills)

【1/壱】Battou/抜刀 【2/弐】Soku shu/足蹴 【3/参】Gyaku aku/逆握 【4/肆】Bai tou/奪刀 【5/伍】Toppei/突柄



〇 OUGI / 奥義 〇

​  There are 2 other secret skills

【Weapons / 武具】


《 ​Bokken wooden sword / 木剣 》

Odachi long sword /大太刀

approximately 110cm/三尺六寸三分

Kodachi short sword /小太刀

approximately 71.2cm二尺三寸五分


《 ​Iai sword / 居合刀 》


《 Fukuro shinai bamboo sword /​ 袋竹刀 》

【Grading system / 傳位制度】

Our grading system is based on the concept of “Kuyou” (九曜, Navagraha) and there are nine levels of grades between the first grade Shoden (初傳) and the final grade Shogo Inka (称号印可).

Members who were nominated by Soke (the head of the style) are able to take the grading and they will obtain a grade only if Soke and Shihan (master) acknowledge them.

Only members who obtained all nine grades are qualified to take the examination of the Menkyo kaiden (免許皆伝) or full certificate.


《Training schedules and venues》


〇Regular training〇

Tuesdays (venue: Kagami Budo kan) 20:00~22:00

Welcome to visit and observe the trainings

〇Short term intensive training〇

One-off bases with availability for official members (venue: Ryu Sen Kan headquarter and/or Kagami Budo Kan) 10:00~16:00

Kids class

Tuesdays (venue: Kagami Budo kan) 18:00~20:00

【Dojo and training groups other than Yatsushiro headquarter】

 Hyoho Taisha ryu Kansai branch (Osaka)

Shihan (master with the certificate) directly trains members. Welcome to become a new member, as well as visit and observe the training

Training groups (self-training)

Hyoho Taisha ryu Ryu Sen Kan

address: 307-2 Kagami-machi Shiohama, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 869-4224, Japan


Visit our SNS sites for the latest information of Taisha ryu

《Queries and contacts》

If you would like to become our member or you have questions, please reach us via the “Contact” page


《What’s new》

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