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【Do you want to become a member or observe our training ?】

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you may have.


【Public relations and press】

We are based in Kumamoto, however we have activities in Kanto (around Tokyo) and Kansai (around Osaka), as well as overseas. We are able to accept interviews and provide information as needed if our schedules and conditions meet. Please kindly let us know the summary of your plan or ideas.


【Please provide below the following information】

  • Organization name, department name, your name.

  • Name of the publication, TV program and so on.

  • The theme, concept and contents of the publication plan.

  • Schedules for interviews and the like. 


Should the nature of the request not be in line with the philosophy and policy of Hyoho Taisha Ryu Ryu Sen Kan, then we may not accept your request. 

Your message has been sent. We will reply within 2 days. .

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